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Water Damage Restoration in London

Water damage restoration in London

Alpha Building Restoration Ltd are specialists in water damage restoration in London; our specialists have years of experience in all restoration services relating to water damage. We are based in London but cover all surrounding areas.

Water damage comes from many sources: burst pipes, leaking dishwasher, heavy rain, a leaking roof and packaged up sewage etc. Every situation requires a different solution; our experienced restoration specialists have come across many water damage situations.

We are water damage restoration specialists in London.

A backed up sewer which has filled up the living room is very different to restoring damage after a bath has overrun with clean water, they will require a different approach in the restoration process. Water damage produces mould; mould can be very destructive and expensive to restore, we will always work fast as we can to reduce the chances of mould growing out of control.

Damage caused by flooding requires a rapid response to prevent further damage being caused to building interiors, exteriors and structural work. Flood clean up is vital to stop the dissolving of materials such as steel, the swelling of wood, and the short-circuiting of electrical components. One of the most critical aspects of flood damage is structural drying. By achieving a drying chamber within a building, we can prevent water vapour causing further damage to neighbouring buildings in the immediate vicinity.

Alpha Building Restoration also specialises in mould remediation which is usually caused by secondary water damage. Mould and bacteria can overgrow, causing widespread building damage, and therefore need to be controlled to prevent further deterioration. Our water damage control service is affordable, efficient and reliable.

If you need any water damage restoration work in London, then please get in touch today with Alpha Building Restoration Ltd on 07897353053 or visit our contact page for more information.